4 things you must do before your job interview

‘Fail to prepare, and you prepare to fail’. It’s a cliché, but there’s truth in it.

Before your job interview you need to make sure you prepare thoroughly. Even if you don’t end up securing the position, you can be safe in the knowledge you did your best.

Of course, every interview is unique, however, there are some general steps that apply to any application.

Research the Business and Interviewer

First and foremost you want to find out everything you can about the company in question. Take a chunk of time to explore their website, and get a feel of what they do, and where they stand within their industry.

This research will also help you decide whether it is the sort of company you could see yourself working for.

Make sure you visit their blog (if they have one) and check any existing mentions of the company online.

Review the Job Description and Responsibilities

It’s crucial that before your interview you get a good grasp of the job description and responsibilities.

With this in mind you’ll be able to discuss your most relevant skills and experience in the interview.

Make sure you line up any questions about the role that you want to know to ask at the end of your interview.

Practice Common Interview Questions

Search the web for some common interview questions, and practice your answers.

You don’t want to be reading your answer off a script, but make sure you have an idea of what areas you’ll touch on if you’re asked a specific question.

Preparing yourself for common questions can be really handy in giving a smooth and confident response.

Brainstorm Industry Questions and Answers

Finally, before you go to your interview, you’ll want to brainstorm questions and answers that are more industry specific.

Grab a friend or family member to practice these questions, and you’ll go into the interview feeling confident.