4 most important don’ts of a job interview

…Dress inappropriately

First impressions are everything. Following the wrong dress code could be enough to to write off your interview at first sight. For example if you’re interviewing for a job at a local council full interview attire would be expected. However going to work for a small design company for example, something more smart casual is likely appropriate. Over and under-dressing can leave a similar effect, however it’s always better to overdress then to under-dress. Don’t be afraid to ask what the dress code is.

…Be late

According to the Daily Mail, 96% of recruiters agree that time keeping is one of the most influential factors at an interview. Not being on time, is not an option. If you’re running late you might as well not bother turning up at all.

If you are running late (which will happen to all of  us eventually) you should always call and let them know.  It still doesn’t look great but it’s better to call and let them know that you expect to be late and the reason why.


First impressions are very important, and going to an interview smelling of smoke, or having ‘coffee breath’ at an interview can be a huge turn off. Interviews are personal, people have to see themselves being able to work with you and most people wouldn’t want to work with someone that smells of something they don’t like.

Personal hygiene is very important. Going to an interview and smelling of sweat can leave an really bad impression, one of the first things people notice about you besides your appearance is how you smell.

The same applies if you wear too much perfume or aftershave.  Use these in moderation, don’t choke the interview panel with your perfume/aftershave it’s one more thing that can leave a really negative impression.